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Community Healthbook is a website created by Erin Brockovich to enable individuals and communities to post and share information about not only environmental but medical device, whistleblower and pharmaceutical drugs gone wrong issues in your community.

The site allows individuals to post and share information with Erin and other community members for the purpose of allowing communities to better harness information that will provide individuals and their families with additional data and information that will aid them in their quest for solutions.

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Tools to drive awareness about your issue and make a difference.


Using our easy to use forms you can report an issue about your community environmental concerns and health issues


View the map and drill-down/filter by topic area and type of reported issue to view specific details and information


Stay up-to-date and see what’s being reported by topic area and by geographic region to view daily trending information

Community Healthbook allows individuals and community groups to report and review health related concerns and community environmental issues by geographic area and by health related topic. There are a number of ways to engage in Erin’s CommunityHealthbook Initiatives:

Erin began mapping issues reported to her about 8 years ago. She noted thousands of individuals coming to her with their local concerns including environmental, suspected contamination, medical device failures, drugs gone bad, military base-related issues, and concern for their families and coworkers. They were reporting serious issues and misinformation.

Erin's hope is to have self reporting research that provides missing data points coming from the people that local, state and federal agencies cannot or will not gather nor communicate to each other. This is a global issue as 126 countries and territories’ report to her.

Change, no matter what it is, starts with you, but sometimes finding the resources for you to enable change can be difficult. This is what this platform is for. It's about creating awareness of the issues that we all should be concerned about, and connecting us together so we can collectively right wrong. Make a start now!
Erin Brockovich