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The most polluted spots in America4/5/2017

I try to keep you informed as this information becomes available... and this article reminded me of that commitment. Be informed... get involved... you can and do make a difference in our world! more

Use of ammonia in Hannibal drinking water will cease4/5/2017

You say you want a REVOLUTION... weeeeeellllllllll you know... In the United States of America, we do it at the ballot box... it's hard, it's mean, it gets ugly... but in Hannibal, Missouri last night it worked. The Drinking Water Revolution has begun... no longer will consumers just be served unsafe Drinking Water and be told... tough, it meets the regulations. No longer will we be lied to... this is about information... this is about TRUTH... this is about action. Who wants to be next? more

Is your Drinking Water Clear2/8/2017

It is in the Drinking Water system... It is in the Drinking Water system... It is in the Drinking Water system... Am I clear? more

You can do something about your drinking water2/8/2017

New York's public water system is spreading waterborne pathogens such as Legionella bacteria (the bacteria that causes Legionnaires' disease) to homes, businesses, hospitals and more. As a result, New Yorkers are becoming sick—and even dying—from their drinking water. Current Health Department regulations put in place to protect us from Legionella are woefully inadequate. This is unacceptable, and state and city elected officials must be held accountable. more
Change, no matter what it is, starts with you, but sometimes finding the resources for you to enable change can be difficult. This is what this platform is for. It's about creating awareness of the issues that we all should be concerned about, and connecting us together so we can collectively right wrong. Make a start now!
Erin Brockovich